Definition of infinitesimality structure

Multitude cannot exist without its oneness and oneness cannot exist without determination by multitude.

Oneness however means identity and identity in its last consequence through all „stages" is a zero point. On the other hand this infinitesimal center needs circumscription by details. So despite the details’ identity in oneness, they as individuals have to find their way into circumscription. And as individuals they contain infinitesimal centers by themselves etc. Hence the circumscription of such a center is the changing between single points.

That means an existing structure includes both extremes, the absolute identity and the absolute separation. Their unity then also has to be constituted by change - now between this common point of identity and being separated. Both are nothing at all without this change by which they are determined only. The unity built that way of oneness and multitude in turn has its infinitesimal center of identity...

The same is valid for every area on every scale. A continuum of this kind is the precondition of permanent objects. Through the omnipresent change between the extremes of identity and separation any point is immediately joined with each other as well as continuously mediated and also apart from the others.

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