Subconscious - Free or Not?

If we combine the results from Consciousness I and Consciousness II as well as Awareness I and Awareness II, the following picture emerges:
  • What exists for us in the circumscribing alternation of perspectives as their common approximation, we are conscious of.
  • If perspectives slip away from the approximation, we still can be aware of them. They exist as such in constant alternation.
  • Everything dynamically (i.e. alternately) existing transitions funnel-like from the most conscious "opening" via a perspectively "narrowing" stem into an awareness that we can call subconscious.
  • This subconscious ultimately extends to All That Is.
Subconscious things therefore exist even if we do not consciously "look." Because subconsciously we always look (again and again). We are "disappearingly" aware of All That Is. That means, we are "alternately" connected to it and can also expand this awareness. But we can also dive down into this awareness with the focus of our consciousness, widen the funnel stem only in certain places and return richer - in knowledge, hunches and sensations.

What are we conscious of there? What do we discover when we dive in? Other worlds, other ways of connecting, the essence of other people? Yes, and every day – and most of all at night. We can learn to bring back more of these impressions. But even without this, we discover much of our own essence here.

Let's expand our list of insights by one more point and take into account our Freedom of Choice with the second one:
  • Since consciousness and awareness only defer in the degree of emphasis of the circumscribed central area, both are a single i-structure.
  • An i-structure chooses its further change – within the constraints imposed on it by "other" i-structures.
We seem to be surrounded by such constraints. Already what our neighbor decides can impair us, and the doorframe is not even possible to talk to. But let us remember that all awareness is a hierarchy of probable realities with the most probable here and now. So when we choose a different reality funnel, all probable realities restructure for us. However, these realities continue to exist as themselves. Even their respective top-positions exist within awareness, just not here and now for us.

We don't have to defeat our neighbor at all, then, because in another reality he has long since consented. We must only choose this reality. (He may well do the same with that reality in which we have consented.) In order to do this, our focuses in other affected areas of life should be in agreement with this choice. That is, we should harmonize in our awareness the hierarchy of our own inner choices. Then the neighbor goes where we both want him to go. (Even the version in which we both choose mirror-invertedly, we are aware of without contradiction, just not here and now as a priority.)

How come the doorframe is so solid? It's not: Take a sledgehammer and smash it to pieces! But I think you want the frame. You want the earth and the sun. You want conditions. Why just these conditions – that would be a question to that subconscious, in which we hope to find more of our essence.