Truthfulness. The Consciousness that Creates Reality

Claus Janew
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This book offers a mosaic of insights aimed at fostering personal growth and deeper understanding. The central concept presented is that truthfulness is not merely about factual accuracy but involves a harmonious alignment of our inner intentions with our external actions. This alignment, it is argued, is crucial for achieving personal integrity and authentic relationships. Additionally, the book emphasizes the importance of understanding and transforming our subconscious beliefs to create a more fulfilling reality. "Truthfulness" employs a variety of techniques, including practical exercises, reflective questions, and theoretical discussions, to provide readers with the tools to navigate the complexities of human experience. The ultimate goal is to inspire a life of greater authenticity and creative potential.

"This book is like a box of good tools. You can put it in a corner and take it out when you need it, but its true value is only revealed when you use the tool. Then you will learn to realize unimaginable abilities and creativity in your life and become a 'real person.'"
Kurt Folwill, Oldenburg, Germany

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"The book 'Truthfulness' replaces the psychologist, is even better, at least for me! No waiting time, quick to hand (practical format), no matter when or where: short, effective advice and tips for any life circumstance (fear, disappointment, blockages, finding your true self, etc.) to restore your mental well-being. Those who want to know more about the why will also find answers. As you delve deeper into the book, you can easily immerse yourself in the author's interesting philosophy, written in an easy-to-understand way."
Ulrike M., Leipzig, Germany

(Reader comments apply to the original German edition. They have been translated from German using DeepL.)

Table of contents

Foreword: Where from, where to and before you start

The Secret, happiness, right away

What is truth?

Telling the truth

How can we trust?

Mistrust in the relationship

Real feelings, false facts?

Good illusions and mediocre roles

Keep quiet or lie to your partner?

Honesty and passion

Loosen stubborn patterns of behavior

Criteria of integrity

Forgiveness – is that necessary?

Falling in and out of love

Love deep and wide

Fidelity and jealousy – a problem?

Freedom in the partnership

Unconditional love?

Code of trust for close relationships

Avoid the pain of disappointment

What good is a failed attempt?

The value of disappointing experiences

Disillusionment with ideals

Optimism deeply realistic

What you really want

Belief work

Dream thinking

Self-responsibility and self-liberation

The silver bullet


Why entreat?

From the land of milk and honey

Reality creation 10 percent plus

Creation: Basic program

Follow the intention

The pure heart

Creation: Combined program

The 100 percent

Realizing the essence

Blockages and the like

Against fear

Anxiety acute: insights and tips

Pricking energy balloons

Putting yourself in someone's shoes

Judging people

Wealth and envy

Creation: Master program

Does happiness make sense?

Higher harmony – fulfilling suffering?

Primal trust

The self, emptiness, and awareness

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