All That Is – What is Awareness? (II)

If every perspective is individual and if structures arise only from circumscribing alternations, then alternation cannot be limited to the Awareness (I) of a human being. Rather, every point of view, every place of effect must alternate and arise from alternations. (Ultimately, it is the alternation of infinitely small points of an I-structure - defined in What is Consciousness? (I)).

This consequence entails others:
  1. We must basically be able to put ourselves into the individual awareness of other humans (and even non-humans). Indeed, we empathize with others; otherwise we could not communicate with them. We at least repeatedly approximate their points of view and thus converse with persons who are similar to them. If we were to put ourselves completely in their position, our consciousness would quickly be overwhelmed and would have to repress most of it into the subconscious.
  2. Changing a point of view is changing the whole reality (a rearrangement of the Reality Funnel), namely from a foreseen, probable reality to an even more probable one, the present reality. As one reality takes precedence, the others fall into their subordinate position. They become or remain potential, just as the one that now takes precedence was before. But they do not disappear: They are still aware standpoints 
A standpoint as a place of effect, as a momentary apex of reality and center of structure-forming changes, goes far beyond what we normally understand by "consciousness". Such a point can be anywhere, in an ant, in a star, in a vacuum. It would be meaningless if no alternation culminated in it, no circumscription determined it. Ultimately, there is only alternation as such - all-encompassing and therefore indefinitely fast: All That Is.

When alternation forms a circumscription (ant, star, space), it begins to prefer this particular movement to others and to filter it out, as it were. Through interwoven repetition, the movement appears slower, although the all-encompassing alternation still goes on. Only now it is largely hidden (deep in the stem of the reality funnel). 

  • Since circumscribing forms create from the beginning what we have recognized as consciousness  (Consciousness I), we can also speak of an all-encompassing consciousness.
  • Since the alternation never stops and only takes place between more or less conscious standpoints (Consciousness II), we recognize an all-encompassing awareness.
  • Since consciousness also means Freedom of Choice, we are dealing with a choosing all-encompassing awareness.

Some would call it "God" - a God who "lives" in everything and everyone, since everything is a phase of His movement. At the same time, "He" is on such an unimaginable path that His decisions are ultimately "unfathomable". On the other hand, our decisions are a part of His. This means that what we decide is important. It creates a different awareness of All That Is, a unique hierarchy of consciousness, a complete reality.

And only our reality follows our path. Even in God it is new.