How Consciousness Creates Reality. The Full Version

Claus Janew
Finally in English, completely revised translation! 
What if our consciousness were not just a passive observer, but an active participant in creating the very fabric of reality? Claus Janew presents a thought-provoking synthesis of systems theory, esoteric wisdom, and philosophical insight, painting a picture of reality in which every conscious being plays a crucial role. Dive deep into the concept of the "reality funnel," a dynamic interface where our individual choices and perceptions intertwine to shape the collective tapestry of existence. Discover how the apparent solidity of the physical world emerges from an ocean of potentiality, and how our thoughts, emotions, and actions ripple through space and time, influencing the unfolding of All That Is. 
Blending the mystical with the scientific, the personal with the universal, this book offers a framework for understanding consciousness that transcends the boundaries of traditional paradigms. It invites you to embrace your role as a co-creator of reality and to awaken to the awesome possibilities that lie at the core of your being. 
Whether you're a seeker of spiritual growth, a student of the nature of reality, or simply curious about the deeper mysteries of existence, How Consciousness Creates Reality will transform your understanding of yourself and your place in the cosmos.

"A fabulously good work. Arguments and expositions are coherent. Fascinating!" 
Karin Kuretschka, Germany

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"Claus Janew's undertaking to put down on paper mental processes and procedures that we cannot always analyze, recognize, or follow with our external senses, and especially the depth with which he treats the subject, is simply admirable." 
Ingomar Doering, United States

"Again and again I open it, reread passages, chapters, and follow your thoughts, smile, thank you inwardly that you wrote it, spent years finding words and ways for it, and realize in everything the perfect solution..." 
C. I. M., Germany

"A well-reasoned way to push science beyond its limits without falling into pure esotericism. A very thoughtful book, a genuine attempt to re-examine our fabric of reality carefully and without bias." 
Prof Dr Wilhelm Schmid, Germany

"In today's world, which is characterized by the levelling of all values and the selling off of standpoints, the honesty of Claus Janew's thinking is pleasantly striking." 
Dr Wolfgang Dahlberg, Germany

"Masterfully written inspiration that has caused me to see the world with different eyes and will surely inspire me to be more aware of my own reality for a long time to come. This is a comprehensive, unusual and skillful exposition of philosophy and esotericism that offers entirely new explanations and food for thought." 
Sidony, Germany

"I am still inspired by your way of expressing yourself... Thank you for your tireless efforts to make people aware of their true potential for consciousness." 
N.F., Austria

"It is amazing how just trying to intellectually understand these connections can expand consciousness." 
F. K., Germany

(Reader comments apply to the original German edition. They have been translated from German using DeepL.)

Table of contents

Preliminary remarks

Part I

The relativity of existence

Existence is effect

The absolute universal continuum

The unity of the differing

Some dialectic relationships

Essence, relativity, and contrast

Combinatorics and reciprocity

Developing systems

Irreversible movement

Higher development

Hierarchy and wholeness

Harmony, coincidence and predetermination

Interwoven pyramids

Part II

The logics of circumscription

The infinitesimal center

Internal pressure and external pull

Order, chaos and holomovement

Enfoldment and unfoldment

The reality funnel

The potential for order

Conscious creativity

Activity from the depth

Consciousness – the infinitesimality structure

Our permanent choice

Part III

The communicating consciousness

 Projection and creating approximations

Putting ourselves in another position...

Self-consciousness and independence

Individuality and freedom

 Messages of the subconscious

The freedom to unfreedom

Giving ideals a chance

Dynamic consciousness

Exchange with the subconscious

The discovery of the other

The creation of reality

A question of proof?

The simultaneity of all events

Playing with probabilities


On creativity
On perception of creativity

Part IV

"Extreme" forms of consciousness and awareness

Consciousness units

All That Is


The extensive directedness

Flowing energy

The indestructibility of the individual

Freedom, harmony and value fulfillment

A feeling for harmony

Value fulfillment

The Freedom to act out of love