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Excerpts from the summarizing chapters of my book How Consciousness Creates Reality - The Full VersionThis topic is developed and explained with many examples in the regular chapters of the book and also to a certain extent in its abridged version How Consciousness Creates Reality.

Perception of any object is a unique entirety, the summit of an individual maximized in a vanishing small center, and it is only through the transition into its own until then subconscious, how this individual reaches another entirety (another object). The transition can entail an effect after all, something of the preceding object, and the way back a retroaction. This way a new individual, a new summit is being circumscribed, to whom the two former ones are different or not conscious.
Do several objects exist in this consciousness then at all? Yes, some exist in it, but no, they are not the same ones as previously, when we considered them individually. Rather, the change from one to the other one circumscribes an approximation of each object, valid for their totality. This approximation conceals the differences and the permanent movement between the viewpoints [respectively individuals]. [...]
What will we find however, if we lift the veil?
We reveal a world of seemingly irreconcilable individuals, that are in touch with each other just infinitely little, that are however communicating together by bringing new elementary individuals into the game [...]. Absurd? Only if we forget the world is not reducible to moments. The individuals would be zeros if they did not change into each other and existed only in these transitions - as structured entireties, which merely increase in their infinitesimal centers to extremes of themselves. The world is a dynamic structure, whose focuses change at each position more or less consciously, but always completely “to each other” (there is simply no clear word for it!), consequently they are directly united in most diverse ways - an infinitesimality structure. [...]
Consciousness forms a unity with the subconscious as such in the end, into which it fluctuates constantly, however. At the most it can remember gloomily the deeper conditions because it cannot process them in its current focus consciously. But so the consciousness of the creator decides dynamically after all, what will happen next - also regarding its expansion -, so to speak collectively with its momentary subconscious phases. What it chooses consciously, enters the decisions of all its other aspects, and the result is the product of their exchange. We sense this cooperation with the subconscious, we feel our holomovement between outside and inside - we are aware of our more comprehensive creativity.
"Subconscious determination" is therefore the influence of subconsciously made decisions, in which we were involved ourselves, but in the face of those even now we are not helpless. [...] 

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