What has love to do with creativity?

If love is (re)union with one's own potential, then creativity is its realization. If creativity follows the urge to realize oneself, to reflect, expand and harmonize in new ways, then love is the emotional expression of the underlying meaning.

Where does this sense of creative urge come from?

Interaction (exchange) with spiritually and mentally harmonizing beings, consciousness focuses and concepts creates a special awareness. It is characterized by a higher rate of vibration (alternating frequency) and greater involvement of a consciousness close to the essence: The loved one is always on our mind and is important in a subtle or intense way.

The inseparability of this love from everything we do not only shows our interweaving with greater consciousness. As this love also reaches out to the aware, its released energy strives to spread to the previously subconscious. That is, love flows directly into creativity, joyfully producing new focuses of consciousness in which it multiplies its quality. The more significant of these are stabilized like indelible memories: a home, a child, a work of art, a research result.

When love meets a suitable object, it intensifies. On the other hand, it attracts such objects. But creativity and love are essentially about creating and feeling, less about having. And what they create together for others, they do not have. Ultimately, it is a value-fulfilling unfolding of awareness: the seemingly finite striving for what it really is: the infinite. 

If we consider that all awareness flows into each other, coalesces into the awareness of each individual, from whose depths only a part of this gigantic potential unfolds, then love also has a universal character. The love of All That Is must be equally turned toward each infinite awareness as a momentary form of itself.

Since my consciousness is now at the top of my individual hierarchy of all perspectives, this love has priority. It even applies exclusively to my entire indivisible hierarchy of perspectives at that moment. Yet, at the same moment, it is already turned toward another awareness.

We humans are slower to respond: our deepest feelings are for a particular partner at a particular time. But in other phases of our movement of consciousness, our love is for other people and things. The intensity of our feelings varies according to our inner preferences. All-encompassing love must also differentiate between phases (focuses) of consciousness, but its intensity can only fluctuate from the perspective of that consciousness - another sign of its diversity. 

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