Primal trust

If we ask for the one cause that repeatedly leads to human misbehavior against our better judgment, we find the lack of a sense of connection with others, with the environment, and with everything higher. If we had it, we would be aware that everything is a single movement of consciousness, that every experience flows into all other experiences and draws from the dynamic balance of a deep wholeness. On the one hand, this comprehensive balance allows us to be flexible with our own mental and social balance without falling into a bottomless pit. On the other hand, flexibility on a smaller scale is a good way to maintain stability on a larger scale.

It is an intuitive trust that embraces life and risks passions instead of fearfully keeping our distance. Through them we gain deep insight into ourselves, sometimes deeper than we consciously wanted. Especially when they end in disaster. But when we understand in detail that every event is really created out of a good intention and the profoundly free decisions of all involved, when we feel this value fulfillment, then we can let go and trust in "God's" good will. We trust that each decision is made from a conscious or subconscious sense of its meaningfulness and respect the freedom of each individual to decide for themselves what is the most meaningful.

All decisions made by other individuals are part of our own. It is only when we are not at peace with ourselves, through and through, that unintentional contradictions to their choices can arise. But this is obviously the rule. This is why it is so important to respect the freedom of others: It also expresses our own deep freedom.

Therefore, we prefer to make offers, offers that we think are fair. Even if they are not accepted, we have opened up options that are accepted in alternative, subliminal realities. So they are never without effect, not even in our awareness.

The Higher harmony of the totality of all probabilities works down to the lowest level, because it includes it. That is why it can also be felt there: the benefit of every event can be experienced. All we need is enough openness. But it is precisely this openness that allows us to choose a harmonious variant from the outset.

If we create a disharmony at our level, we displace an alternative, more harmonious probability into the subconscious. In connection with all other probabilities, we also favor a general disharmonization, which occurs when an arbitrary harmony disappears in the infinite distance.  What we are doing is not a gimmick. We are responsible not only for ourselves, but also for all other individuals, regardless of their free will.

(Slightly modified excerpt from my book How Consciousness Creates Reality. The Full Version)

The loss of knowledge and feeling of this harmony is the cause of our fear of all abysses, which closes us off even more. We then tend toward excessive group formation and exclusion, to the point of paranoia and hostility. Even the slightest "allure of the forbidden" can only arise when we feel constricted – not when we are open and mutually understanding. Primal trust also means to remember this.

This text is an excerpt from the book

Truthfulness. The Consciousness that Creates Reality

Truthfulness. The Consciousness that Creates Reality

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