The Core

As the core of my philosophy, the well-known unity of opposites can be considered, but applied in a new way and with the greatest possible consistency.

However, it does not seem very helpful to conclude from this point, because every "application" must be (and was) independently justified to prove its validity. Thus, the unity of opposites is itself more of a result and only thereby becomes a "starting point". At least it offers a connection to the philosophical tradition (Hermes Trismegistus, Yin/Yang, Heraclitus, Cusanus, Hegel).

Philosophically versed readers can also try to transition from Alfred North Whitehead, Edmund Husserl, Ernst Cassirer or Structuralism by thinking their basic theses more consistently and synthetically. 

A tip for mystics: If you compress the seven hermetic principles into one, you get my infinitesimality structure and thus free will. -Satori

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