Claus Janew has been researching philosophical, spiritual and psychological connections for 30 years. With his book How Consciousness Creates Reality - The Full Version Claus Janew prepared the way for a philosophical research based on the teachings of Seth and described a still unknown basic structure of consciousness for the first time. After studying especially Hegelian logic, the metaphysics of David Bohm and the works of Jane Roberts, he developed a largely new philosophy from the relativity of existence to a conclusive solution to the problem of free will to a deep ethical awareness that consistently connects the individuality of perception to an external world. The basics have been published in German and English journals (now in the essay collection How Consciousness Creates Reality)Claus Janew continues his core theses in the dialogue Alternating Consciousness - From Perception to Infinities and Back to Free Will. In doing so, he brings to light surprising similarities between consciousness and All That Is. Also available is the thought-provoking self-help guide Truthfulness - The Consciousness that Creates Reality.